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Five Different Things You Should Invest in as a Beginner in Photography

As a child, for sure you were curious about a camera. When you were still young, remember the time when you have always wanted to have a camera and how you have always wanted to play with it every single time. Laying your hand on a camera has always been a very fun thing to do since you could play around with whatever photos you take from it. It is also something that adults would forbid you to touch because it is expensive and something that should not be played by children which increased your curiosity towards the camera. When you grow older, you slowly touch and know how to operate one because you are finally allowed to touch one. So, this is like bringing so much mystery into photography since children from before could not actually try photography when they are not that old enough. This is why many professional photographers have said that they have only started learning photography when they were already older and when they had the chance to purchase their own camera. 


But, now the time is so much different than before. Now there are photography lessons for children that are available everywhere.  In fact, children are encouraged by their parents to join and learn from a photography lesson offered from different learning institutions. And this is such an amazing thing to know that children are now being taught photography in a very young age because photography has so many wonderful things and effects to children. For example, it could definitely be their way of expressing how they feel or it could also be an avenue for them to boost their morale as people by learning a new and different skill that they could always brag to other people and a skill that they could use no matter what especially now that in everything that we do, we always ask for documentation where a camera comes in very handy.  

If you want to start your own photography business very soon after taking photography classes, here are the five different things you should invest in: 


Of course, you need a camera. Find the one that has good specs so that you would not regret buying it. We also suggest that you ask professionals on the brands and kinds that they could suggest to beginners like you.  


If you are learning photography then you know how important lighting is. You have to buy lights so that it could help you take more awesome photos.  

  • BAG  

A camera bag is very important so that your equipment could be stored properly and so that it would not be ruined over time.  


For beginners, a tripod is very necessary if you want to take still photos of someone or something. And this is definitely something you should have.  

  • LENS 

There are lenses that you could buy for your camera. So, you should buy at least one other option that you could use for variation.  

These things are very handy to you if you are still a beginner in photography; make sure that you have all of these with you all the time.  

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How to Maintain Your Washing Machine?

Have you ever tried washing your clothes without using a washing machine? If so, you probably know how hard it is to do the job. A lot of people take their washing machines for granted. They ignore its importance until it is too late.  

Since a washing machine is a costly investment for almost every homeowner, it’s always a wise move to maintain it properly. An appliance repair service can help you fix some problems. However, you should not always rely on it. You should do your part as well.  

Here are several tips you can follow to maintain your washing machine: 

Protect from Moisture 

Once you’re done using the machine, open the door for a while. While opening the door for a long period allows dust and dirt inside the machine, you can open it for a couple of minutes after washing. If you close the door right away after washing, you’re leaving moisture inside. This produces an ideal environment for bacteria and mold to grow. Thus, it’s ideal to leave the door open for 20 minutes and wipe it down later using a towel to get rid of moisture.  

Clean Seal 

From time to time, the washing machine’s rubber seal suffers wear and tear. Every detergent and dust accumulate at the spill gasket, mainly in upper load machines. Every time you open the door, you’re allowing a number of tiny dust particles to enter. These particles are accumulated on the seal’s edges. Since the seal is located on the upper edge of the washing machine, it suffers regularly from water and detergent. It also stays dirty since it doesn’t wet properly. Thus, you shouldn’t ignore it.  

Avoid Splashing and Spilling 

It’s quite common to see the residue of detergent, water, and dirt inside your washing machine. Typically, these residues are common if you’ve got an upper load machine. Even though you’re using the best softeners and detergents available, their residue becomes sticky as time passes by. They will also start to smell bad. The ideal way to clean the residue is to use a mild dishwashing cleaner and wipe it down. In addition to that, you should keep in mind that you have to clean the interior of the drum using a damp cloth since it also accumulates dirt, detergent, and lint residue over time.  

Deep Cleaning 

A lot of homeowners believe that their washing machine is able to offer efficient cleaning every single time. However, that isn’t the case. Washing machine issues happen and it will begin to lose its efficiency. You might notice that your clothes aren’t coming out clean.  

If this happens, all you’ve got to do is to perform a deep cleaning on your washing machine. Make sure you utilize a strong machine cleaner that’s able to get rid of all the scaling without damaging the plastic and metal components of the appliance. This doesn’t really mean you’ve got to purchase the most expensive machine cleaner in the market. However, it is also not advisable to purchase the cheapest one.  

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